söndag 28 september 2008

Calendar doodeling

I have a red calendar, I dont put important dates in it though, but its good for doodeling while in commuter traffic.

Moving from Monkey bizz to Sivletto

This big fellow (Bigger then me) Was the main character of my last exhibition at Monkey bizz and SivlettoHe stayed at Monkey bizz the first 3 weeks but due to fear of dolls he just moved to Sivletto.

As you can se the colorfull cross was excluded at the exhibition due to textile damages but it will soon be repaired.

The paintings beside Jacksson (the doll) will soon be available as prints on a website launching this october, i'll be back with more info bout that.

torsdag 25 september 2008


I made this quite big yellow doll last year. I gave it to my friend Goulos for his 50th birthday, it now lives in his recordstore and is namned Ipp. The little sad fellow in his lap currently lives at Sivletto with his relatives.

tisdag 23 september 2008

Just finished the tears

I just finished this painting, my wife thaught it looked a bit empty so I colored the tears and as usual shes right it looks so much better now! I call it Sixten after a good friend of mine.