lördag 28 februari 2009

onsdag 25 februari 2009

Hair products

Acrylics, ink, marker and solvent on commercial ad for hair product.

tisdag 24 februari 2009

måndag 23 februari 2009

torsdag 12 februari 2009

All work and no play...

The sloppy looks of these pieces is, I think the result of me being tired from working to much lately. Any how I keep on messing with my coffee and bleach.
Ball pen, marker, water color, graphite pencil and collage on paper.

tisdag 3 februari 2009

söndag 1 februari 2009


This week was real busy so I havent had alot of time creating. I managed to finish theese three stained bastard though.
Coffee, red wine, bleacher, marker and graphite pencil on paper.